Music had always been my therapy, until suffering a massive brain bleed. Propelled into the darkness of unconsciousness, I came round to an even darker cloud. Facing open surgery to repair the torn artery, risk of rebleed consumed me. Quite literally, Mr Currie got inside my head. Then bandaged up, the plan was road to recovery. Now with a different pain on my mind, passion no more for my craft. I tucked my fiddle away in its box. Thankful for out of sight, out of mind, I explored new ambitions; roles in The NHS and later, supply chain. Fast forward 12 years, I was intrigued, curious. I succumbed to persuasion and dabbled in performing & teaching fiddle again. Was this my destiny, return to a musician's life? Excited having dived in, I thrive on the creativity. This book explores textbook v personal experience. It shares, giving back. Come on the journey with me and witness the long lasting chemistry of family and true friendship experiences.